Fees and Scheduling

Academic Users & Clients

Academic Rates - Effective FY20/21 (1 July 2020)

  • Day rate (24 hrs): $720/day
  • Hourly rate: $60/hr
  • Overnight and weekend element mapping: $15/hr
  • Operator time (see below): $60/hr

The fees above apply to users from all U.S. higher education institutions, including researchers from outside the University of Minnesota. There is no distinction between "internal" or "external" academic rates. These fees are charged to cover maintenance, supply, and personnel costs related to the lab and its equipment. The fees above are for "instrument time" only.

An additional surcharge may be incurred ($60/hr) for "operator time" when extensive assistance is provided by the laboratory manager; The day rate includes two hours of operator assistance.

Instrument time charges begin at the time the microprobe was signed up for and ends when a user logs out. Please also note the Cancellation, Late, and No-Show Policies.

Academic daytime rates are billed in half-hour (30-minute) increments. Academic weekend and nighttime rates are billed in full-hour increments.

Acceptance of academic rates includes acceptance of our policy on acknowledgement in publication -- all users must familiarize themselves with this policy. Academic rates do not apply to professors, researchers, or students doing analytical work for a company. Under these circumstances, either (1) fees can be assessed at the commercial rate to the researcher or (2) the company can be billed directly.

Commercial Fees & Service Policies

Commercial "fee-for-service" rate: (Effective FY20/21 (1 July 2020))

  • Hourly rate: $200/hr
  • Day rate: $2000/day
  • Commercial rates are billed in quarter-hour (15-minute) increments.

We strive to keep instrument and staff-time fees consistent with analytical services market. We are happy to discuss cost estimates for analytical work with potential customers, and any initial discussions are free of charge. The rate above reflects "instrument time" but includes a reasonable amount of data processing, image processing, and report writing.

Additional charges may be incurred ($100/hr) for data processing and report writing (clients will be consulted before these additional fees are assessed).

Fees for Carbon and Metal Coats

  • Carbon coats done by certified users: $23.45/batch

Users interested in training on the lab's carbon coaters should contact the lab manager. Users with an account at the University of Minnesota's Characterization Facility can have their samples coated by their staff: leave samples in Room 65 in the Characterization Facility at least 24 hours before your scheduled session, and ask the staff to coat the samples with a carbon layer about 120 Angstroms thick.